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What kills bed bugs? Find out here

Posted by Dr Greengood on

Before we turn our attention to what kills bed bugs, let us first understand what bed bugs are. Are those insects or bugs that you have started seeing on your bed lately really bed bugs? Bed bugs are characterized by their oval-shaped small bodies that are mostly a shade of brown. They survive on the blood of humans. You won’t see them fly, but they can move around quickly. Female bed bugs, in their lifetime, can lay several hundred eggs of the size of a dust particle. This information is enough to set alarm bells ringing. If you have seen these in your bedroom or anywhere else inside your home, you should ensure that you get rid of them as soon as possible. By not doing so, you would be playing with your health. These infestations never get better by themselves. Time is not your friend.

As we already alluded to earlier, these small pests have a taste for human blood. They are drawn to us first by our exhale, carbon dioxide. They “smell” this and this draws them toward us. Up close they are drawn to us by our body heat. This is why many people have bites in areas where blood is closest to the surface of the skin. This is what draws them to places that humans inhabit. An untreated bed bug infestation can take over a house or any living area. This is why early treatment is so important. So, if you encounter bed bugs in your bedroom or anywhere else in your home, you need to look for a formulation that can help you eliminate their infestation.  Dr Greengood Bed Bug Killer is one such solution that is non-toxic for humans. Because 60% of any infestation is in the form of unhatched eggs the Dr Greengood formula is so important because unlike any other product it has the odor free leave behind kill to take care of all the nymphs that emerge later. This is unlike any other product that requires two, three and in some cases even four additional treatment. With Dr Greengood, it is One and Done.

So, how exactly does this unique leave behind kill feature work? As already discussed, a large part of the bed bug infestation is in the form of inaccessible eggs - under carpets, between walls, in clothing, linens, and bed clothes. For all bed bugs to be killed, they need to come in contact with the formulation. With the leave behind kill feature, you don’t have to apply the product two or three times after the initial treatment - it takes 10-14 days for nymphs to come out after the first application. Dr Greengood Bed Bug Killer “comes back and treats again” till the time all bed bugs are killed. This is achieved in just a single application of the product. You won’t find this feature in any other bed bug killer, and it makes the job of dealing with bed bugs a lot easier than it actually is.

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