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Protect Your Home Form Dangerous Insects and Dangerous Chemicals - Get Dr. Greengood’s Flea Kill Spray

Posted by Dr Greengood on

Picture this situation: The love of your life, your dog, is resting by the fire after a day of hard work keeping the yard free of pesky squirrels and sniffing around hedges. Instead of resting quietly, enjoying the peace and security of his favorite spot, he's all out scratching. What's happening? It's an ideal opportunity to examine your dog’s fur for fleas and ticks. Unattended these kinds of problems only get worse. This four legged family member needs your help and so do you.

Fleas and ticks on your pet are dangerous. They carry very serious disease that can bring terrible consequences to the entire family. At the same time they are a source of pain and irritation to your pet and dangerous to its health. If you suspect a flea or tick problem time is not your friend. One bite from a single disease carrying flea or tick can be enough to produce sever sickness, pain and discomfort. For everyone’s’ safety and comfort, you need the immediate use a reliable flea and tick killer for your pet and for your household.

If you have scratching pets with fleas or ticks at home, they've likely spread these bugs throughout the house to carpeting and furniture. A dog or a cat is essentially a carrier for these insects as they jump on and off wherever they go. Prompt, thorough treatment is necessary.

Dr Greengood Flea and Tick Killer is made to kill every flea and tick on your pet's coat without toxic chemicals that can be as dangerous and deadly as the fleas and ticks you’re trying to eliminate. Dr Greengood Habitat Flea and Tick Killer is for use throughout the house to give you back an infestation free environment. Both topical and habitat Dr Greengood products are 100% toxic and have no nasty odor. Don’t risk your pet or your family’s health by using dangerous toxin based tablets or harmful sprays, or collars. You love your pet more than that.

So don’t scratch your head the next time your dog scratches his belly, just get Dr. Greengood’s flea and tick killer.

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