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Dr Greengood’s Cockroach Killerworked perfectly on the palmetto bugs in my home! - David R., Boca Raton, Fl.

Finally a safe flea treatment for my dog, that actually works! - Shelly W., Raleigh, N.C.

My son came home from school with head lice and Dr. Greengood’s safely took care of the problem! - Holly R., Pittsburgh, PA

Dr Greengood’s Flea and Tick Killer performs as claims. I will never use anything else again on my dog! - Maury G., Napa, CA

My wife would not let me spray a poison in our home, for our cockroach problem, and Dr Greengood’s worked like a charm! George K. Richmond, VA

Dr Greengood’s Lice Killerworked so well on the head lice my son brought home from school I am going to order the flea spray for my cat too! - Larry W., L.A, CA

We will not treat our dog Elsie with a poisonous flea spray and Dr. Greengood’s solved that problem for us!. - Greg R., Jefferson Hills, PA.

Dr Greengood’s worked as advertised. I have not seen a single cockroach since I applied it.! - Merle B. , South Bend, IN.

Dr Greengood’s Flea and Tick Killeris the best all natural flea treatment I have ever used! -David T., Tampa, FL.

I will not use poisons of any type in my home and Dr Greengood’s has proved to me that I do not need to! - Roberta F, Conyers, GA

My daughter got head lice at a friend’s home and Dr Greengood’s took care of the problem safely and quickly! - Jeff K., Glenn Allen, VA.

I have always been very skeptical of safe insect killers, as to their effectiveness, but Dr Greengood’s proved me wrong! - Billy G., Chicago, IL

"No poisons no problem with Dr Greengood's Bed Bug Killer! I eliminated my bed bug infestation safely and the bed bugs have stayed away six months later"! - Patty R, Brentwood, TN.

"I own a timeshare and other owners in the building have had problems with bed bugs. I tried Dr Greengood Bed Bug Preventative and am pleased to say we have not had any bed bugs in our apartment". - Joe R, Detroit, MI.

"I was using Dr Greengood Flea & Tick Killer to safely treat a flea problem on mydog, when I brought home bed bugs from a trip. I immediately ordered Dr Greengood Bed Bug Killer and eliminated that problem too. Thank you Dr Greengood". -Mona J., Philadelphia, PA.