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non-toxic-100-safe-bed-bug-killer.jpegWhen bed bugs invade your home unfortunately just killing some of them will never be enough to deal with the entire problem. Even if you kill all of the visible ones, the majority of them are already well hidden in cracks and crevices, behind wall board, or exist in the form of newly laid eggs that will hatch in 10-14 days and become a new bed bug problem all over again. To truly eliminate the infestation you must be able to kill all of them and guarantee that you can also deal with the new ones that will begin to hatch, from the eggs.

There is nothing that can be sprayed (safe or poisonous) that will be certain to get into all the cracks and crevices in which bed bugs hide. There is also no spray, safe or poisonous, that will kill bed bug eggs. The only way to eliminate the infestation is to spray an affected area and then let the bed bugs come to the treated area, with the knowledge that when they do the residual effects of the spray will continue to kill them; including the newly hatched eggs that may not see the hatchlings arrival for a few weeks after you initially spray. Bed bugs come to the treated area because they seek out the carbon dioxide we exhale, as they recognize that at the end of that carbon dioxide is their food source, namely us.

Dr Greengood is the only safe and natural bed bug killing spray that has the independent laboratory test results showing that it not only kills the bed bugs but continues to kill them for one year after you have sprayed, with its critical residual component. Other competitors claim that they offer a safe product that kills bed bugs. We have even seen a university study that supports the claim that a few of these so-called “safe” bed bug killing products actually do kill bed bugs, but that same study calls them “….worthless in the real world for actually eliminating bed bug infestations”**. Why is a product that kills bed bugs “worthless” for eliminating bed bug infestations? Because these very same products take up to 10 days to achieve bed bug mortality*** (and that is only for those bed bugs you can see; most are hidden); this also means that the females, that do not die right away, will continue to lay their eggs and hide them away (they do a very good job of hiding these eggs), where nothing can reach them. These same products also have no residual components that continue to kill, even after the new eggs hatch; meaning the new hatchlings will continue to replenish the original infestation.

Dr. Greengood Commercial Bed Bug Killer was developed to kill the bed bugs you can see and their mortality is measured in minutes****, from the time they are sprayed (not 10 days). Dr Greengood also kills all the bed bugs that are hidden away in cracks and crevices and behind walls, as those bed bugs will eventually come out of hiding and crawl through the treated area covering themselves with the residual component and at that point their mortality is measured in minutes.

Finally Dr Greengood will also deal with the hatchlings that have emerged from their eggs, as long as two weeks after the original infestation, as they will also come to the treated area and expose themselves to the residual component and begin to die almost immediately. Dr Greengood offers a one year residual effect***** and this assures it treats and eliminates the entire infestation. No other safe and natural bed bug spray, on the market, can offer what Dr Greengood can, despite the claims many competitors make. We like to say, to our competitors making their claims: SHOW US THE TESTING! And by that we mean true independent laboratory testing performed by a respected testing laboratory or university, that prove their product is safe and performs as claimed effective in killing bed bugs and most importantly in controlling bed bug infestations.


We are proud to post our test results, right on this website, performed by the esteemed American Academy of Entomological Science. These test results prove Dr Greengood bed bug killer both kills bed bugs and eliminates bed bug infestations******, for without accomplishing both of these functions any product will not achieve your desired result of eliminating the bed bug infestation, no matter what it claims. In summary if you wish to eliminate a bed bug infestation, in your home or business, treat the affected area yourself with a safe and non-toxic spray and rest easy in your own bed that night knowing that you have effectively treated the entire bed bug infestation, then Dr Greengood is the only product on the market that can make that claim.

Dr Greengood is bio-engineered, with a highly secret process, that supercharges safe and natural soy and creates a devastating killing agent for bed bugs and a wide variety of other insects. The unique formula has been designed to react with a molecule contained in the body chemistry of a certain class of hard-shelled insects, which includes bed bugs. The reaction begins the immediate onset of the bed bugs mortality and generally occurs within minutes.

This unique manufacturing process was developed by a team of scientists and the finished formula is only achieved after multiple and exact steps, each one having to be performed under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. Any deviation from the necessary sequence of steps, or precise laboratory conditions, will render the finished product as useless for killing bed bugs. Dr Greengood is also effective against ants, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, and carpet beetles. It will perform exactly as we claim, to kill bed bugs (and other insects) and eliminate bed bug infestations, and if you are currently affected by this problem Dr Greengood will solve it.

Dr Greengood Bed Bug Preventative is formulated to act as a protective shield against bed bugs, for those apartments or homes that do not have a current active bed bug infestation, but may be at risk for an infestation. This most often applies in apartment buildings, condominiums or homes with adjoining walls when the home owner or renter is aware of other bed bug infestations in proximity. Dr Greengood Bed Bug Preventative will keep the infestation from getting started. It is not intended to be used to treat active infestations.



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