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Best Pest Control Sprays for Homes

Posted by Dr Greengood on

product-img-3.pngMany people dealing with a pest control problem go to the Internet search engines first and as you might expect their most frequent question is “what is the best pest control spray for your home? There are any number of variations to this question also searched, such as “pest control spray for homes”, “best professional pest control spray”, or “best home pest control spray”? No matter how the search question might be precisely framed there is only one good answer and that is the best pest control spray is one that first of all works effectively to kill the insect in question and also is 100% non-toxic to humans, pets and the environment. Many people are not even aware that non-toxic pest control sprays are available. Millions of consumers today know they do not wish to spray dangerous poisons in their home. Many others have tried so-called non-toxic insect killers and have been disappointed in the results. Please rest assured that there are safe pest control sprays available and there are some that are the best home pest control spray you could possibly purchase. You simply need to make certain that the pest control spray you are buying has been independently tested for safety and efficacy by a true third party test laboratory. Any company that has gone through the time and expense to submit their product for independent testing and had the testing laboratory confirm their certification for safety and efficacy will be proud to show you their certification letter. This certification letter will be prominently posted on the manufacturer’s website and is an important document for verifying the manufacturer’s claims.

There are a number of manufacturers offering non-toxic and effective (so they claim) pest control sprays, but very few that have actually submitted their product for true third party independent lab testing. Why is that? Well the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a rule that, in summary, states that a manufacturer may make any claim they wish about their product as long as they have a “good faith” belief that this claim is accurate. A manufacturer desiring to have their claim confirmed through independent testing is then compelled by the FTC to then live with the results of that independent testing; so simply those manufacturers who doubt their efficacy claim will survive the independent testing, then never submit their product for this testing. Should they do so and their product fails the testing process the FTC mandates that the manufacturer must immediately cease and desist making that claim or risk basically being fined out of existence. Many unscrupulous manufacturers then never submit their products for the testing (knowing it will fail), yet continue to make their so-called “good faith” claim. Now the FTC may ultimately catch up with some of these people but it takes a very long time and a lot of consumer complaints.

Modern 21st century bio-engineering has given scientists the ability to create safe and effective pest control sprays. There are not many companies that have mastered this process, but they do exist and currently create the best home pest control sprays on the market. The process to accomplish this marvel of bio-engineering is so secret there are literally only a few people on this earth who know it. Modern science’s best professional pest control sprays are currently available; the consumer simply needs to know where to look. There is no longer any reason to spray deadly poisons in your home to control insects. If you are considering the purchase of a pest control spray and wish to make certain that you buy the best pest control spray for your home, in other words one that is safe and effective and if you wish to know if it really works, simply ask that manufacturer to:” SHOW ME THE TESTING”! The true independent laboratory testing certifying that the product is 100% safe to humans, pets and the environment and actually kills the insects it claims it will kill.. No matter how you might ask your search engine the question whether it is “what is the best professional pest control spray for homes”, “the best pest control spray for homes” or simply “pest control spray for home” there are a few good answers; you may just have to search a little bit for them and do not give up because once you find them the results are well worth the effort.