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Dr. Greengood is dedicated to offering our customers "Safer Solutions Through Science', for the insect problems affecting their homes, their pets or themselves. This is our mission. All of our products will always be 100% non-toxic to humans, pets and the environment and we never make a claim that we cannot prove, with true third party independent laboratory testing, certifying both our products safety and its efficacy. In other words what we say about our products is true; not because we simply decide to say it, but because one of the most respected independent testing laboratories in the world has tested our products and certified the validity of our claims. All of our products are always independently tested by the prestigious American Academy of Entomological Sciences*.

The science behind the Dr. Greengood insect killing formula is the modern 21stcentury science of bio-engineering. The origin of all of our products begins right in the Dr. Greengood laboratory. The devastating killing formulas developed in the Dr. Greengood laboratory are based on these 21stcentury molecular bio-engineering techniques and will always be 100% effective and safe for humans, pets and the environment. Bio-engineering allows our scientists to take a molecule found in our safe and non-toxic soy based formula, which causes dehydration, to react with a molecule found in the body chemistry of many hard shell biting insects. The result of the reaction of these two molecules causes the almost immediate mortality of the insect.

The primary active ingredient, in all Dr Greengood's products, is derived using the polypeptide protein molecule found in soybean oil. Soybean Oil is labeled GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Our current bio-engineered products are specific to bed bugs, head lice, roaches, mosquitos, fleas, and ticks, but we do have more on the way. Although the formula always starts out as soybean oil, it must be re-engineered specific to each class of insect. The formula, when applied to the insect, for which it is designed, begins to immediately dissolve the outer waxy membrane layer, found on the insect's exo-skeleton. When that outer waxy layer is dissolved it evaporates. This typically occurs within minutes. After the membrane is gone the eye dropper full of liquid inside the insect also evaporates and the insect dies by dehydration. The actual process is so secret that only a few scientists in the world are privy to it and Dr Greengood is quite proud to offer it to our customers, to provide safer solutions to their insect problems.

There is also no concern with the insect developing immunity, to the Dr Greengood formula, as many insects have, to the pyrethrins and other toxic poison based insecticides. This is so because the pyrethrin based immunities begin at a genetic level and become a functioning part of the next generation's body chemistry. The Dr Greengood formula prevents this from happening, as it does not kill from inside, but rather from the outside. A good example is to liken the Dr Greengood formula to hitting the insect with a hammer, so there is little likelihood of resistance or immunity, in any strain. This means you do not waste your time or money and equally as important you keep you, your family and your pet safe during and after application.

Dr Greengood is proud to currently offer our remarkable products, which we like to refer to, as the "three p's" of insect solution products; bio-engineered to safely treat "pets", "persons", and "places"!

Dr Greengood Commercial Bed Bug Killer will eliminate bed bug infestations and will continue to kill for 12 months, after application. Dr Greengood's Commercial Bed Bug Preventative is designed to stop a bed bug infestation from ever getting started. It is preventative only and should not be used to treat an active infestation.

  • Dr Greengood Cockroach Killer will effectively treat the cockroach problem in your home and is completely safe to use in your kitchen and around your family and pets.
  • Dr Greengood Flea and Tick Killer will safely eliminate all the fleas and ticks from your pet and equally as important Dr Greengood Habitat Flea and Tick Killer can be used to treat all the areas around your home, frequented by your pet, and prevent re-infestation of your pet.
  • Dr Greengood Head Lice Killer is 100% non-toxic to humans, yet provides devastating killing power for head lice, after just one treatment. Dr Greengood Household Lice Killer is intended to treat those areas of your home, such as carpeting, furniture and bedding, that have come into contact with those individuals affected with head lice, and prevent re-infestation.

Dr Greengood's mission of "Safer Solutions Through Science" ensures that you never have to use a poison based (pyrethroid, organophosphate, carbamate or organochlorine) product ever again, or indeed an ineffective so-called safe one. The extensive independent testing that Dr Greengood products go through guarantees that our claims of safety and efficacy are accurate. Many other so-called safe insect killing product manufacturers also make claims of safety and efficacy, but never put their products through the independent lab testing, as they know their products will fail. Dr Greengood is always proud to show our customers our testing and we urge anyone considering a purchase of a non-toxic insect killer, from any manufacturer, to ask to see the independent lab testing; not a company's own testing, but only independent lab testing.

Our best customer is always the most well informed customer and we gladly provide as much information as we can, to assist our customers, in making decisions that provide the best results and are, at the same time the healthiest for you, your family, your pets and the environment.


*Dr.Greengood's Satisfaction Guarantee - Dr.Greengood guarantees that all of our products will perform as claimed or we will refund your purchase price. Call 615-573-6705 for a return authorization and then return the unused portion of your product, with proof of purchase, and the purchase price will be refunded less the outgoing freight charge.

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*American Academy of Entomological Sciences, J. Brown PhD, "Certification Documents For Dr. Greengood Product" (documents available on Dr Greengood website)