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Best Bed Bug Spray Treatments for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Posted by Dr Greengood on

non-toxic-100-safe-bed-bug-killer.jpegHow has bed bug epidemic, in this country, spread so dramatically nationwide and what is the best bed bug spray, to use, for eliminating a bed bug infestation? How do these insects manage, so well, to infest homes and apartments, once they arrive indoors? Why are bed bugs so difficult to eliminate, even with treatment? We are asked these questions every day and those afflicted with this pest are desperate to find out what is the best bed bug spray treatment for indoors? Many people dealing with a bed bug infestation also wish to know if their home can be safely treated for a bed bug infestation, as they do not want to spray dangerous poisons in their home. This further adds to the difficulties that the home owner or apartment renter faces in coming up with the best bed bug spray treatment. Fortunately there is a 100% non-toxic to humans, pets and the environment bed bug spray available and following the links from this article will help you find it.

Bed bugs have now arrived into every state, in this country. There is a list available on-line of the top 50 bed bug cities and the question begs answered: how has this happened? Let us start by pointing out that bed bugs are the most notorious hitchhikers in the insect world and vampires all, as they are looking to feed on our blood. This need to hitchhike has obviously become one of this species genetic survival modes and no insect out there does it better. They just hop on and are pretty much happy to end up wherever you take them. Some genetic instinct is telling them “stick with you and there will be a meal in their future”! Unfortunately that meal is ultimately us, for as they look to feed, they follow the trail of carbon dioxide we exhale and generally do this at night, as we sleep. Now most people tend to think we pick these insects up when we stay in an infested hotel room and then they hop onto our clothing or into our luggage and end up spreading the infestation, from this original point of origin, to our homes. Certainly this is all true, but by no means is it the exclusive method of bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can be found in movie theaters, car and trucks, people’s living rooms, or just about any place that has had a bed bug introduced into that environment and offers a nice cozy place for them to hide. Bed bugs cannot live outdoors, so when we are asked what is the best bed bug spray treatment for outdoors? Fortunately one is not necessary.

We have now assisted the bed bug into finding a new home, unwitting chauffeur as we may be, and what exactly are they doing immediately upon “checking in” to their new home? First order of business is to find a real good place to hide. Now the bedroom seems to be the one room most impacted, because that is where we bring our suitcases to unpack from a trip, or to remove our clothing after arriving home, or indeed it is where we sleep and are most vulnerable to their feeding. After hopping off of their ride they seek out cracks, crevices, mattresses and box springs, protected areas in around headboards, behind wall switch plates or fixtures, behind pictures and mirrors, in clothing or debris on closet floors, in the folds of drapes and blinds, and just about anywhere else that provides a very cozy place to hide. Remember they are only really looking to come out to feed and the best time to do that is as we sleep. To further exacerbate the problem the females immediately start to lay eggs and those eggs are always laid in the most hidden of locales. These eggs begin to hatch in 10-14 days and ensure a whole new generation of bed bugs, to plague us. Only 40% of the bed bugs, in any infestation, will be visible, at any given time, and you must kill all of them visible and hidden, to completely eliminate the infestation.

What is the best bed bug spray available to treat a bed bug infestation and what makes it the best bed bug spray treatment for indoors? The answer lies in 21st century bio-engineering, which has given scientists the ability to create bed bug sprays that are safe and effective. Bio-engineering, to create a safe and effective bed bug spray treatment, causes a molecule in the bed bug spray to react with a molecule in the body chemistry of the bed bug and that chemical reaction begins the process of almost immediate dehydration of the bed bug causing its exo-skeleton to crack and mortality within minutes. There are not many companies that have mastered this process, but they do exist and currently create the best bed bug spray treatments on the market. Following the links from this article will help you to find the best bug killer spray available. There is no longer any need to spray dangerous poisons in your home.

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