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  1. Safer Around Humans & Pets

    Eliminates Bed Bug Infestations

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  2. Kills Head lice on Contact

    100% Non-Toxic to Humans

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  3. 100% Non-Toxic to Pets

    Kills Flea & ticks on Contact

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    100 % Non-Toxic to Humans and Pets

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    Dr Greengood is dedicated to offering our customers safer solutions through science, for the insect problems affecting their homes, their pets or themselves. This is our mission.

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I use Dr Greengood bed bug killer because it works. I treat once and I’m done. Everything else requires 2, 3 and sometimes 4 treatments. No bad odor. Happy customers!

- Dennis, pest control company owner


I use Dr Greengood bed bug killer because I don’t want dangerous chemicals in my house and around my family.

- Sara, stay at home Mom


We use Dr Greengood bed bug prevent because our facility has a ZERO tolerance for bed begs.

- Richard, general manager rehab center.


Dr Greengood bed bug prevent product is the only prevention product I have been able to find. I can’t stand the thought of having them in my house. I heard so many horror stories.

- Melinda, working Mom and Wife


My children came home from school with head lice! I couldn’t believe it. It was so gross. I used Dr Greengood topical on my children and habitat in my home. I’m so glad I did. It worked!

- Katyln, mother of Three


I refused to use smelly toxic chemicals on my children or in my home. I searched for something that would work and wouldn’t poison my children. Science works. I like these products. They worked very well for my family.

- Tanisha, working Mom


I had a horrible cockroach problem. My wife and I sprayed several products and spent a lot of money. Dr Greengood cockroach killer worked. Haven’t had any more problems. Others should know.

- Thom, husband and father