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Herbal Treatment for Cockroaches

Posted by Dr Greengood on

Dr Greengood Commercial Cockroach Killer

Those scientists, who concern themselves with these matters, indicate that cockroaches have been around for about 300 million years. The earliest form of our ancestors date back about six million years and modern man for about 200,000 years. It is probably safe to say that whether it mankind in its earliest evolution, or us more modern folks, cockroaches have made it their business to plague any previous or current evolution of man, as their only business is survival. It is probably also fair to presume that mankind has always looked for any good remedy available for our cockroach problems. If you research the most frequent internet search results for cockroach treatments you would find many searches of "treatment for cockroaches"," best treatment for cockroaches”, "best natural treatment for cockroaches”, "natural treatment for cockroaches", and "herbal treatment for cockroaches", to name a few. What these "most frequent" internet searches, for cockroach control, seem to indicate is not only do many people have a cockroach problem and wish to get it remedied, but more people than ever are very specifically interested in coming up with a safe or natural solution for their cockroach problem. I titled this article “Herbal Treatment for Cockroaches” not because I have any good ones to suggest, but because I honestly believe that there are not any effective ones to be found.

Now it does make a whole lot of sense to eliminate cockroaches from your home. They carry diseases such as E. coli, Salmonella, not to mention six different parasitic worms and have been proven to trigger allergic reactions in children causing an asthma attack and to exacerbate asthmatic attacks in older adults*. It also makes much sense for those afflicted with a cockroach problem to want to utilize a safe and natural treatment. Spraying the dangerous and poisonous over-the counter products available through your local retailers, in your home, is a case of the cure being just as bad, if not worse, than the disease. They are all known carcinogens, harmful to humans and pets and let’s throw in damaging to the environment too. However if you do an internet search on “best natural treatment for cockroaches” or “herbal treatment for cockroaches” you will be referred to remedies such as bay leaves, mint oil, garlic (works on vampires too), pepper, etc., etc., etc. Now let’s get real for a minute, if bay leaves or mint oil really could kill the cockroach, an insect that somehow has managed to survive and thrive for 300 million years, supermarkets would not be able to keep the stuff in stock. If all of these so-called natural treatments for cockroaches were so effective why was it necessary for the chemical industry to develop these deadly poisonous sprays designed to kill these insects? It would have just been easier to grow bay leaves or mint than to manufacture poisonous chemicals.

Fortunately hope has now arrived for those individuals who demand a safe and effective treatment for cockroaches and will not use dangerous sprays in their homes, or around their families and pets. The answer is found in bio-engineering a scientific method that creates a chemical reaction between a molecule found in a natural formula and a molecule found in the body chemistry of certain insects. This chemical reaction begins the almost immediate process of insect mortality. This chemical reaction causes the outer waxy layer of the insect’s exo-skelton to dissolve and when that has occurred death soon follows. Modern 21st century science has indeed now discovered and formulated a truly safe and effective way to kill many types of insects and the answer to the question what is “the best natural treatment for cockroaches” is now available to the consumer. There now exists a cockroach killing formula that is 100% non-toxic to humans, pets and the environment and it has been independently lab certified for safety and efficacy**.

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*”THE TRUTH ABOUT COCKROACHES and HEALTH”, Dr. Jorge Parada, National Pest Management Association, December 4, 2012

**American Academy of Entomological Sciences, J. Brown PhD, “Certification Documents For Dr. Greengood’s Product