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How Long Do Bed Bug Bites Last

Posted by Dr Greengood on

non-toxic-100-safe-bed-bug-killer.jpeg How long do bed bug bites last is a very unfortunate question many afflicted sufferers need to have answered. There is a bed bug epidemic that has swept across this country and millions of home owners and apartment renters are dealing with its very difficult, if not sometimes painful effect . A little bit of research on the most asked questions of internet search engines shows that bite sufferers also wish to know where do bed bugs usually bite, how often do bed bugs bite, where do bed bugs normally bite, and where do bed bugs bite most often? There is a very long list of questions people who are dealing with a bed bug infestation ask, but for the purposes of this article, I will restrict myself to biting commentary. I would not blame anyone who does not think that there is such a thing as bed bug humor, if they stopped reading right now.

Answering the question of how long do bed bug bites last can vary, but a normal bed bug bite generally will last about one week to 10 days. It will appear as a small red welt , itchy skin, or a bump on the skin and the amount of irritation and itchiness one will experience will depend on an individual’s sensitivity to the bite. Please bear in mind that we all have some very dangerous germs hiding on our skin and breaking the skin, by scratching, can sometimes result in introducing those germs into the body. I would strongly recommend if you believe you are suffering from bed bug bites to go to the doctor. You need to make certain you do not do anything worse to yourself than the bed bug bite. The great majority of bed bug bite sufferers will not be made ill by the bite itself, but treating the bite is important so you do not scratch yourself into something worse. We are aware of people who thought they had bed bug bites, but in fact, it was a different skin condition requiring its own treatment regimen. Immediate and temporary relief can be found by applying rubbing alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, or even a paste of baking soda and water to the bite. People also use to good effect aloe vera, Calendula Cream and other soothing creams, lotions and ointments. Surprisingly a significant percentage of the population are immune to the bed bug bite and although bitten will not feel any effect of the bite. I have read that figure may be as many as one third of the population.

Where do bed bugs usually bite, where do bed bugs bite most often and where do bed bugs normally bite are very commonly searched questions, but really the same question and the answer is simple: any exposed area of the skin. Remember that bed bugs are going to be biting most often when an individual is sleeping and they are going to go to the easiest and most accessible place on your body. How often do bed bugs bite is also asked frequently and the answer is a bed bug will bite, which is just the beginning of their feeding process, until they have basically gorged themselves on human blood. They will then move on and not return until they are hungry again. It is typically believed that is about one week.

Now I know that this has been a very unpleasant article to read; believe me it was unpleasant to write, but there is hope and by hope I mean if you are suffering from a bed bug infestation you can treat it safely and effectively. Many people no longer wish to spray dangerous poisons in their home and a 100% non -toxic to humans, pets and the environment bed bug killer spray treatment is available. It has been independently lab tested for safety and efficacy and means you never have to use a poisonous pesticide in your home or apartment again. Modern 21st century science through the process of bio-engineering has created this safe and effective formula. It kills bed bugs on contact and due to the unique residual compounds contained in the formula will continue to kill them long after application.

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