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How to Avoid Cockroaches in House

Posted by Dr Greengood on

How to avoid cockroaches in home is a much searched topic on the internet and a question we are asked every day? Many people who ask or search the answer to this question “how do I get rid of cockroaches”, also want to know how to do so safely and without spraying poisonous insect repellants in their home. Modern 21 st century science has now solved this problem and has created a cockroach killer that is the absolute best way to avoid cockroaches in home. Before I answer that question on “how do I get rid of cockroaches (safely), I would like to spend a little time discussing why it is so vitally important to do so.

Many of us seem to have what I can best describe as a fundamental, even primal fear of insects; in this case the common cockroach, hence all the searches for “how to avoid cockroaches in house”! Now this emotional reaction I refer to as fear obviously occurs on some sort of a sliding scale, depending on the individual; for certain people it really can be almost a paralyzing sort of fear, for others just a moderate or mild distaste and for some almost no reaction at all. If the “no reaction at all” individual did not exist we would never find anyone willing to work in the pest control industry. If we accept the fact that there are “all kinds”, so to speak, when it comes to a person’s basic emotional reaction to an insect, then I also believe that this reaction must be hardwired into us, as a very definite part of our specific DNA or genetic makeup. Similar, in fashion, to why certain people can faint dead away at the sight of blood and most others are unaffected.

I can only think that our fear of insects, for some, or distaste as it might affect others, has become a fundamental part of us because the dangers associated with many of these insects are very real and exist because they are a definite part of our DNA based “survival instinct”. I believe this is what most motivates people who want to find the best way to avoid cockroaches in house. Antibiotics have only been in general use for about 75 years and anti-venoms around 100 years; a mere drop in the ocean compared to the actual duration of mankind’s existence. It is fair to say that if you go back in time that 75 or hundred years and imagine someone dealing with the health risks associated with an unfortunate insect encounter; the personal impact, to that individual, was far more potentially devastating then, than today. One can only imagine how many insect bites resulted in serious wounds or even death. How many allergic reactions, to an insect bite, had to go untreated with also potentially severe consequences? It might also be worth noting that even in this age blessed by advanced antibiotics and medical techniques the diseases transmitted by insect bites kill more people each year than all other wild animals combined, including snakes and sharks**

Cockroaches can be far more than just an unsightly nuisance insect crawling around your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home. They are known to carry serious diseases and have been proven to potentially spread 33 kinds of bacteria, including:

  • E. coli
  • Salmonella
  • Six parasitic worms

Cockroaches have also been found to trigger an allergic reaction in many people, which in certain cases actually leads to the development of asthma in both adults and children.*

It has also been found that cockroach allergy was associated with more severe asthma among elderly asthmatics in New York City.* Cockroaches transmit these harmful microbes from contact with their body parts, saliva or feces and this can occur both from a cockroach coming in direct contact with a human or possibly even from touching something with which a cockroach had previously been in contact.

Fortunately modern 21st century science has now discovered and formulated a truly safe and effective way to kill many types of insects and the answer to the question “how do I get rid of cockroaches” is now available to the consumer. This cockroach killing formula is 100% non-toxic to humans, pets and the environment and has been independently lab certified for safety and efficacy.

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*”THE TRUTH ABOUT COCKROACHES and HEALTH”, Dr. Jorge Parada, National Pest Management Association, December 4, 2012

** Time Magazine, July 2015, pgs. 92,93, “What’s the world’s deadliest creature?”