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Posted by Dr Greengood on

The internet, as a learning tool, has many positive if not wonderful uses, and one of the best ways to employ it, is as a lie detector.All manufacturers must complete what is called a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), for their product. It lists all of the ingredients in that product and a lot of other relevant information also. Simply googling the MSDS of any product and then researching the active ingredients listed on that MSDS, in Wikipedia, for their generally accepted uses, is a good place to start. Many manufacturers of so-called safe and effective cockroach killing sprays, or flea treatments, make bold killing claims about their products; however when you actually do the research on the active ingredients found in those products, you will find no evidence that these ingredients were effective in killing the insects they claim to kill, or are they generally used for this purpose. If you make note of the various safe ingredients found on these assorted MSDS sheets you will find compounds like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is used in cleaning products, various essential oils used in aromatherapy products and fragrances, fruit, spice and floral compounds used in the food and beverage industry and others. The fact is, with none of these so-called safe compounds will you find any research or independent laboratory testing that states that any of these compounds have been found to be effective for killing cockroaches or fleas. This is where Dr. Greengoods steps in and always proudly states,” all of our products have true third party independent laboratory testing certifying both our safety and efficacy*”This brings us to the title of this article, noted above, Shame Shame On Their Claim! -A “Good Faith Belief” A Bad Faith Result”

How do the manufacturers selling these so-called safe and effective products get away with the claims they make? The rule all manufacturers must abide by, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is a manufacturer may make any claim they care to, about their product, as long as they have a “good faith” belief that their product does what they claim it will do. Now you could take mostly any liquid- water, Windex, rubbing alcohol, etc. and pour it over any insect, for that matter, and you would stand a reasonable chance of killing it, by drowning alone. You could even smash it with the bottle and kill it. I guess you might even be able to say that these actions then provided a “good faith” belief that your product kills the insect you claim it kills. But let’s come down out of the clouds and into the real world, where actual science is employed, and I ask all other manufacturers of so-called safe and effective insect killing sprays to “SHOW ME THE TESTING!” And by testing I mean true third party independent lab testing certifying the validity of their claims. I find it astounding the number of manufacturers attempting to capitalize on a supposed “good faith belief”, with a product claim, who are producing nothing more than a “bad faith result”, for the consumer,because their product is worthless and does not perform as claimed.Dr Greengood  proudly displays our testing certification letter, on all of our products, right on our website. Now about at this point you might be wondering why do not the other manufacturers, making their insect killing claims, also submit their product for true independent laboratory testing? Dr Greengood certainly did and they could also. The answer is as simple as putting your head in the sand could be! If you submit your product for the testing and the testing now contradicts your claims, then according to the FTC, you are no longer entitled to your “good faith belief”, for your claim, and you must immediately cease and desist making that claim, or risk being fined out of existence by the FTC. I guess they are really not interested in finding out that their product actually does not work to kill the insects they claim to kill, so they can continue to claim that it does. Now the FTC does attempt to police these inaccurate claims, as best they can, but like grabbing smoke or herding cats, they can never quite get it all under control. Dr Greengood is proud to have this testing and we urge all conscientious manufacturers to perform it also.

  • *American Academy of Entomological Sciences, J. Brown PhD, “Certification Documents For Dr. Greengood’s Product”