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Posted by Dr Greengood on

Helping people to rid their homes, safely and effectively, of a bed bug infestation has certainly been one of the most personally gratifying aspects of working with Dr Greengood Bed Bug Killer and Dr Greengood Bed Bug Preventative. To know that we have saved them from using poisonous pesticides, in their homes, that are dangerous to them, their families and their pets and then to help them actually eliminate a bed bug infestation has made us quite proud of our product. Many of our customers give us a call or send us an email and tell us their personal bed bug stories and our calls and emails have been positive ones letting us know that Dr Greengood’s worked, when other so-called safe products did not. We of course already knew this fact to be true because Dr Greengood is the only 100% non-toxic to humans and pets bed bug killing spray that has true independent laboratory testing certifying that it is both safe and effective in eliminating a bed bug infestation. Our independent testing laboratory is performed by the prestigious American Academy of Entomological Sciences and when we submit our product for testing, at this facility, we must then live with their results, so if it really did not work the government would not permit us to make the claims that we make, regarding its effectiveness. This is the reason that the other so-called safe bed bug killing sprays do not submit their products for testing because they already know that they will not be effective for eliminating a bed bug infestation.Sure some of them can kill a few visible bed bugs, and this is what they use as the basis for their claims, but killing visible bed bugs has absolutely no effect on the hidden bed bugs and unhatched eggs, which are the majority of bed bugs in any infestation. Only Dr Greengood with its unique residual compounds kills the hidden bed bugs and thus eliminates the infestation and we remain the only ones with the testing to prove it.

Quite often, in assisting people with their bed bug problems, we also experience the flip side of the coin and find ourselves very much affected by the stories people tell us and the heart-wrenching personal traumas they are forced to endure. Many people with a bed bug infestation are stigmatized by it and see it as some sort of personal comment on them and are concerned that they will be judged by others to have some sort of character flaw, if they have bed bugs; like they keep a dirty home, or they themselves are of an unhygienic nature. We are often times asked “…does our shipment come in a box that is devoid of any markings, that might suggest a bed bug killer is inside…”? Many who live in apartments do not want their neighbors to know that they have bed bugs in their apartment, as if they are responsible for an outbreak in the building.Even folks in a single family home do not want a “bed bug box” sitting on their front porch, if they are not home to receive it.Our shipment does arrive in a non-descript carton, but the point to this article is to most emphatically point out that “BED BUGS ARE NOT A CHARACTER FLAW”! Bed bugs are found in the finest hotels in America and around the world. They cross all socio-economic lines and can infest mansions, homes of any price range and expensive apartments or any other kind too. They are never anyone’s fault; they are simply dedicated and extremely effective expansionists, with an un-paralleled survival instinct.

The bed bug is the insect world’s most notorious hitchhiker. No matter where they are they look to expand their territory by latching on to anybody and anything that will possibly introduce them to another environment. People pick them up and bring them home from hotel rooms, other people’s homes, automobiles, guests coming to their homes or apartments, stores and countless other ways too numerous to mention. Generally by the time you see one or a few, it is too late, you already have an infestation and it must be appropriately treated to properly eliminate it. Fortunately Dr Greengood will safely and effectively treat a bed bug infestation. One quart, when applied according to label directions will treat 300 square feet, approximately the size of a 15’ x 20’ room. So please remember if you have a bed bug infestation, it is not anything you have done wrong, and please spray safe with Dr Greengood.