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Posted by Dr Greengood on

If you have read though some of the pages on the Dr Greengood’s website, or some of the blog articles, you might have noted how we so proudly mention that all Dr Greengood’s products have testing certification from the American Academy of Entomological Sciences, stating that all of our products are ”non-toxic according to EPA GRAS standards to qualify for 25 (b) rule exemption” and are “effective in the elimination of the insect pests shown on the product label”* The bottom line, to this certification, is that a third party independent testing laboratory has certified Dr Greengood’s products are what we say they are and perform as we claim. I would think that is fairly obvious why this third party independent testing is so important, as it takes the product’s alleged performance, from something more than a self-serving claim, to the realm of the factual and very scientific world, with real proof that our claims, of safety and efficacy, are an actual fact. Dr Greengood’s products were submitted to the. American Academy of Entomological Science, because the AAOES is considered the gold standard for testing laboratories, in this country, and any findings and certification attributable to this facility would be held in the highest esteem. Sort of like passing Einstein’s physics test. The AAOES is located in Madison, Mississippi and their mission is to provide consultation services to clients around the world, on assisting them to achieve their pest control product objectives, and to provide third party independent testing services for new products entering the marketplace. The Managing Director of the AAOES is Dr. Jeffrey Brown and he is considered to be one of the foremost forensic entomologists in the world today. Dr. Brown currently also serves as the Bureau Director and State Medical Entomologist for the State of Mississippi, but also had an extensive career in private industry and served with distinction in the military where he received a tri-service commendation medal from the Department of Defense for his work on creating Disease Vector Ecology Profiles. The military found Dr. Brown’s DVEP’s to have a major impact on the health of military personnel worldwide, due to diseases of public health importance. While serving as the Director of Technical Development for S.C. Johnson Wax Dr. Brown and his team developed and launched a new market segment for the company with the Vector Electronic Fly Trap. This is the only trap of its kind to be allowed in food service, manufacturing and food contact areas and has remained so for over 25 years. I detail the credentials of Dr. Brown and the American Academy of Entomological Science because it is important to realize that once our products were submitted to the AAOES for testing, not only was it like passing Einstein’s physics test, but the certification of safety and efficacy, from the AAOES, was also the equivalent of Einstein giving you an A on your physics test. Dr Greengood remains the only manufacturer of a 100% non-toxic to humans and pets insect spray, with true third party independent laboratory testing certifying its safety and efficacy. No other manufacturer of so-called safe insect sprays have submitted their products to the AAOES , or any other true third party independent testing laboratory, for safety and efficacy certification. I had discussed, in a previous article, that once a manufacturer does that and lets that genie out of the bottle, they must live with those results (no getting that genie back in) and if those results contradict the claims they are making they must “cease and desist” making those claims or risk being fined out of existence by the FTC. If you are in the need for a safe and efficacious insect spray, for cockroach elimination, pet flea treatment or head lice treatment and considering the various products available to you, in the marketplace, you should always ask all manufacturers to “Show Me The Testing!” Dr Greengood is proud to able to display our testing certification letters and prouder still that this testing was certified at The American Academy of Entomological Science.

  • *American Academy of Entomological Sciences, J. Brown PhD, “Certification Documents For Dr. Greengood’s Product”