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Posted by Dr. Greengood on

A few of the most frequent questions we get are “how exactly does Dr Greengood actually stay true to our mission, of always offering “safer solutions through science”? “What are Dr Greengood’s products actually made of” and “how do our products achieve such devastating killing power in a formula that is 100% nontoxic to humans and pets”? The answer begins in the laboratory, where we start with our main active ingredient soybean oil. This ingredient is listed first on the product label and is not exactly a big secret. If a manufacturer would like to keep their product ingredients secret they would not be able to do so, because the government makes certain those ingredients are printed on the label. There are obviously good reasons for this: people need to know what they are eating, drinking, or applying to their bodies, or in their homes. Some people have dietary restrictions on certain ingredients, others have allergy considerations to concern themselves with; there are even those with religious and a myriad of other good reasons to make the information of all product ingredients transparent. How about not having any desire to spray a poisonous substance around your home; say no more to that being a good enough reason! But how does soybean oil work to kill bed bugs and a host of other insects also?The laboratory process to achieve this end is called bio-engineering and it is modern science’s 21st century answer (and Dr Greengood’s also), to formulating, an insect killing treatment, from safe ingredients, that also has devastating killing power. The truth is if you just took plain old soybean oil and poured it over any insect it would not accomplish anything; unless of course you poured enough to drown it, in which case you might as well have used water, it’s cheaper. The modern bio-engineered marvel part comes in because our team of research scientists managed to figure out how to bio-engineer a molecule in soybean oil to react with a molecule found in the body chemistry of a various class of hard shell insects; when this reaction takes place (almost immediately) the outer waxy layer of the insect’s exoskeleton cracks and within minutes mortality begins.

The process to accomplish this marvel of bio-engineering is so secret there are literally only a few people on this earth who know it and I can only relate selected information about it. Each step must be performed under precisely controlled temperature and other ambient conditions and each step must be taken in an exact order. There are more than 10 separate laboratory steps required and any failure to perform this process exactly as necessary and in the precise order required will leave you with a liquid that is nothing more than the soybean oil you started with and it will not kill anything, except by drowning. One of the frequent questions that often arises, are there competitors out also using a soy based formula and if so how does their product compare to Dr Greengood's?The answer is yes there are other competitors using a soy based formula and their products compare to our products the same way you would call both a Little Leaguer and Joe Dimaggio baseball players. Obviously once Dr Greengood’s products, with our soy based formula, came on to the market and proved its efficacy, there were competitors who figured you just put some soy oil in a bottle and you have knocked us off. Well that is hardly the case. Our scientists believe that is practically impossible to even reverse engineer another product using just our list of ingredients. Once again you need to know all those secret laboratory steps, temperatures and procedures and do them in the exact order, to duplicate our killing power. As I have suggested in previous articles if you pick up a competitive product to Dr. Greengoods and wish to know if it really works, simply ask that manufacturer to:” SHOW ME THE TESTING”! The true independent laboratory testing certifying that the product is 100% safe to humans and pets and actually kills the insects it claims to be effective against. . We know of no other competitive product that has this true independent laboratory testing and believe me we keep asking. Dr Greengood does indeed offer “safer solutions through science” and we have the true independent laboratory test results to prove it*.

*American Academy of Entomological Sciences, J. Brown PhD, “Certification Documents For Dr. Greengood’s Product