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Dr Greengood Topical Head Lice Killer- 20 Oz. Bottle


ORGANIC & 100% Non-Toxic Dr Greengood Lice Killer

Over the years, lice have evolved to resist most over-the-counter head lice treatments. Head lice, like ticks, feed off blood, and prefer to settle close to the scalp. Head lice are spread by direct contact, meaning that anything or anyone that comes into contact with someone infested with head lice has likely become infested as well!

Dr Greengood’s topical head lice killer is a homeopathic treatment developed to eliminate lice, eggs, and nits upon direct contact. Like the rest of our products, our lice killer has been tested and certified by the AAOES. We guarantee that our product will kill head lice promptly after it is applied to the scalp.

  • ORGANIC Guaranteed 100% Non-Toxic to Both Humans & Animals. 100% Poison Free.

  • Tested and Certified ORGANIC 100% Non-Toxic to All Mammals by the American Academy of Entomological Sciences.

 How to use: [IMPORTANT—Please read warnings before use]

For Adults 2 Years and Older:

  • Begin by back combing the hair, to expose the scalp.

  • Lightly mist the exposed area.

  • Apply thoroughly throughout dry hair.

  • Allow product to air dry.

  • Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo and warm water.

  • Repeat process if necessary.

**To use a nit comb on wet hair: First, make sure hair is combed straight and detangled. Second, section off hair into multiple pieces and tie/clip each one back. Third, take one section at a time, using the provided nit comb, start from the scalp and comb to the end three to four times. Inspect for lice and repeat until you’ve thoroughly combed through each section of hair. (Keep in mind; lice move quickly. Wet lice will remain still, thus making wet combing more effective.) Throw away comb after you’ve completed your treatment to prevent re-infestation. Any clips or hair ties may be washed on the hottest setting, or can be thrown away.

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