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Dr Greengood Household Lice Killer- 32 Oz. Bottle


Dr. Greengood’s Household Lice Killer is designed to treat lice and prevent any subsequent re-infestation. This product is intended to be used in and on any hard to clean areas or surfaces of your home that may have come in contact with someone who has been affected by head lice.

Head lice, like ticks, feed off blood, and prefer to live close to the scalp. Oh, and did we mention that head lice are transmitted by direct contact? That’s right - that means where there’s one, there are a hundred more!

Our lice killer is safe and effective to use on bedding, cushions, furniture, and any other hard to clean surfaces of your home. It is guaranteed to kill lice eggs, nits, and mature lice upon contact.

  • Guaranteed 100% Safe to Use Throughout Your Home, and 100% Harmless to Use Around Family & Furry Friends.
  • Prevents Re-Infestation for Up to 90 Days After Application.
  • Tested and Certified 100% Non-Toxic to All Mammals by the American Academy of Entomological Sciences.

How to use:

  • Shake thoroughly before use.
  • Hold the spray nozzle 10-12 inches from desired surface.
  • Lightly mist. (DO NOT SATURATE)
  • Allow to air dry.

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